Our top 8 tips to help beat the flu this year

With flu season in full swing, it can be easy to catch the bugs that are making the rounds.  We have put together some top tips to help you fight the flu and any bug that may be going around this year.




1: Increase your water intake
Water makes up over 60% of us and most of us don’t drink enough!
Water will not only keep you hydrated and aid with digestion but it will also help your kidneys flush any toxins that are in your system. When you are sick you tend to not drink as much water but if you drink more water it will help your body to fight off the bug.

2: Take a Probiotic/Prebiotic supplement.
This will help your immune system, your gut health and also aid your digestion. You need to make sure you find a good quality Probiotic with prebiotics to keep them alive. If you want to know what one I use and recommend, feel free to contact me.


3: Remember to eat your greens!!
Fruits and vegetables are a great natural way to get your daily vitamin, mineral and fibre intake. While lots of fruit and veggies don’t quite have the same nutritional value as they did 100 years ago we can still get amazing benefits from eating them.


4: Drink your Goop!!
Our amazing alkaline super greens drink we like to call Goop is packed full of great super greens and minerals and all things nutritious to help keep your energy levels up and speed up your recovery.
Remember to have your goop even if you are sick, it will help you recover quicker.


5: Have you got your flu shot yet?
If you haven’t go out and get it now! Lots of chemists offer it now or you can always book an appointment with your doctor to get one.


6: Get plenty of rest
While your body is working overtime to help you get on the mend quickly you need to remember to take care of it! Rest up.


7: Remember to wash your hands!
Personal hygiene is a top priority always in my house but especially around flu season! Cough or sneeze into your elbow or tissue and bin the tissue and remember to wash your hands when you are finished.


8: Where you can stay home.
I know it can be hard with work and kids but where you can stay at home so you don’t spread your flu or bug. I know sharing is caring but somethings don’t need to be shared!

I hope you have an amazing day and keep all the bugs at bay 

Our top 8 tips to help fight the flu or any bug this flu season!